Interrupt: 1. [techspeak] N. On A Computer, An Event That Interrupts Normal Processing And Temporarily Diverts Flow-of-control Through An "interrupt Handler" Routine.

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:interrupt: 1. [techspeak] n. On a computer, an event that
interrupts normal processing and temporarily diverts
flow-of-control through an "interrupt handler" routine. See also
{trap}. 2. interj. A request for attention from a hacker.
Often explicitly spoken. "Interrupt --- have you seen Joe
recently?" See {priority interrupt}. 3. Under MS-DOS, nearly
synonymous with `system call', because the OS and BIOS routines
are both called using the INT instruction (see {{interrupt list,
the}}) and because programmers so often have to bypass the OS (going
directly to a BIOS interrupt) to get reasonable
-- The AI Hackers Dictionary