INSECTICIDE Insecticide Is A Wondrous Substance Used To Kill Poor Little Innocent Insects, Whose Only Fault Is That They Like Crapping In Your Food, Nibbling On Your Skin, And Buzzing Around.

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Insecticide is a wondrous substance used to kill poor little
innocent insects, whose only fault is that they like crapping in
your food, nibbling on your skin, and buzzing around. But why use
conventional insecticide when you can use DDT?! From a real advert
for DDT, circa 1947:
"To keep your dog free of fleas and protected from ticks,
dust him once a month with Taylor's Number 13 DDT Powder.
Happy dog - he can't bring fleas into the house anymore!"
...because he's outside dying on the lawn, no doubt. Rover! Get up!
And put your fur back on!