If You Elect Bill Clinton And Al Gore That Would Be A Disaster For Agriculture.

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If you elect Bill Clinton and Al Gore that would be a disaster for
agriculture. What Bill Clinton says he'll do, well, I'll tell you what
I'm going to do is to give a lot of balance to the interest here in California.
What we would have is an environmental summit, and guess who's going to be the
head of that enironmental summit? It's not going to be the Governor of
Arkansas. He's going to put Senator Al Gore in charge of the environmental
summit and his book will be the agenda for that environmental summit.
I hope everyone reads that book. We wanted to take that book to our debate,
but for some reason Al Gore didn't want us to have the book in the debate
because we wanted to make sure everyone knew what was in that book. Because
that's the agenda for Bill Clinton. That's the agenda of the Clinton-Gore
administration. Here's what he says about farmers. Here's what he says
about agriculture in that book. He says that farmers strip-mine the land.
He says that agriculture is in fact bulldozing the Garden of Eden. Well I
tell you what, if you elect Bill Clinton and Al Gore you can say goodbye to
water, goodbye to food, and goodbye to your jobs. But come November the 3'rd,
the American people are going to say good-bye to Bill Clinton and Al Gore.
-- Vice President Dan Quayle in a speech to farmers outside
Fresno, California on 10/7/92.
(reported in the NY Times 10/8/92)