Ok, Let's Have A Compromise: 1) A Linux Dinner Will Be Organised.

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Ok, let's have a compromise:

1) A Linux Dinner will be organised.
B) The believers will eat Kosher.
III) If it is Passover, the believers will eat Matzoh bread leavened with t
blood of Christian children.
Pi) The other believers will not be required to eat the cows.
Lambda) NON-believers will eat the believers after the said believers have
had the chance to themselves eat.
Gimel) Agnostics will not care whom they eat.
Devyat') Sexual deviants will rape the sheep and eat the waitress.
Aht) Unless they prefer the pizza, in which case roles are reversed.
2) The hat should be hung on the lower peg.
d) Do not molest the kormorant.

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 22 Aug, 2000