I've Downloaded Coj.zip, Then Used Unzip To Unpack It > But I Wasn't Able To Run It My Dearest Not Soon To Be Extinct Dodo, You Have Sent One Question To The List, Asking WHERE To Find Coj.

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> I've downloaded coj.zip, then used unzip to unpack it
> but I wasn't able to run it

My dearest not soon to be extinct dodo,

You have sent one question to the list, asking WHERE to find coj. This
question would have been answered to your full satisfaction had you
bothered to conduct the simplest web search. Nevertheless, you chose to
bother the list and the list answered.

Now you ask another question. Namely (from the subject line) - "whats
next?" (sic).

I can tell you what next. In many many words. However, I've just had a
bottle of coke and am feeling benign.

Therefore, take the file. Unzip it. Print it on punched tape. Insert
tape up anus. Sit back and enjoy the warm feeling that you have mastered
a computer subject.

-- Marc A. Volovic on linux-il, 19 Jan, 1997