Borg N. In "Star Trek: The Next Generation" The Borg Is A Species Of Cyborg That Ruthlessly Seeks To Incorporate All Sentient Life Into Itself

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Borg n.

In "Star Trek: The Next Generation" the
Borg is a species of cyborg that ruthlessly seeks to incorporate
all sentient life into itself; their slogan is "Resistence is
futile. You will be assimilated." In hacker parlance, the Borg
is usually Microsoft, which is thought to be trying just as
ruthlessly to assimilate all computers and the entire Internet to
itself (there is a widely circulated image of Bill Gates as a
Borg). Being forced to use Windows or NT is often referred to as
being "Borged". Interestingly, the Halloween Documents
reveal that this jargon is live within Microsoft itself. (Other
companies, notably Intel and UUNet, have also occasionally been
equated to the Borg.) See also Evil Empire, Internet E