Virtual Reality N. 1. Computer Simulations That Use 3-D Graphics And Devices Such As The Dataglove To Allow The User To Interact With The Simulation.

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virtual reality n.

1. Computer simulations that use 3-D
graphics and devices such as the Dataglove to allow the user to
interact with the simulation. See cyberspace. 2. A form of
network interaction incorporating aspects of role-playing games,
interactive theater, improvisational comedy, and `true
confessions' magazines. In a virtual reality forum (such as
Usenet's alt.callahans newsgroup or the MUD experiments on
Internet), interaction between the participants is written like a
shared novel complete with scenery, `foreground characters' that
may be personae utterly unlike the people who write them, and
common `background characters' manipulable by all parties. The
one iron law is that you may not write irreversible changes to a
character without the consent of the person who `owns' it.
Otherwise anything goes. See bamf, cyberspace,