Quadruple Bucky N. Obs. 1. On An MIT Space-cadet Keyboard, Use Of All Four Of The Shifting Keys (control, Hyper, And Super) While Typing A Character Key.

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quadruple bucky n. obs.

1. On an MIT space-cadet keyboard, use of all four of the shifting keys (control,
hyper, and super) while typing a character key. 2. On a Stanford
or MIT keyboard in raw mode, use of four shift keys while
typing a fifth character, where the four shift keys are the control
and meta keys on both sides of the keyboard. This was very
difficult to do! One accepted technique was to press the
left-control and left-meta keys with your left hand, the
right-control and right-meta keys with your right hand, and the
fifth key with your nose.

Quadruple-bucky combinations were very seldom used in practice,
because when one invented a new command one usually assigned it to
some character that was easier to type. If you want to imply that
a program has ridiculously many commands or features, you can say
something like: "Oh, the command that makes it spin the tapes
while whistling Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is
quadruple-bucky-cokebottle." See double bucky, bucky bits