Baz /baz/ N. 1. [common] The Third Metasyntactic Variable "Suppose We Have Three Functio

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baz /baz/ n.

1. [common] The third metasyntactic variable "Suppose we have three functions: F
FOO calls BAR, which calls BAZ...." (See also fum)
2. interj. A term of mild annoyance. In this usage the term is
often drawn out for 2 or 3 seconds, producing an effect not unlike
the bleating of a sheep; /baaaaaaz/. 3. Occasionally appended to
foo to produce `foobaz'.

Earlier versions of this lexicon derived `baz' as a Stanford
corruption of bar. However, Pete Samson (compiler of the
TMRC lexicon) reports it was already current when he joined TMRC
in 1958. He says "It came from "Pogo". Albert the Alligator,
when vexed or outraged, would shout `Bazz Fazz!' or `Rowrbazzle!'
The club layout was said to model the (mythical) New England
counties of Rowrfolk and Bassex (Rowrbazzle mingled with