Bamf /bamf/ 1. [from X-Men Comics; Originally "bampf"] Interj.

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bamf /bamf/

1. [from X-Men comics; originally "bampf"]
interj. Notional sound made by a person or object teleporting in or
out of the hearer's vicinity. Often used in virtual reality
(esp. MUD) electronic fora when a character wishes to
make a dramatic entrance or exit. 2. The sound of magical
transformation, used in virtual reality fora like MUDs. 3. In
MUD circles, "bamf" is also used to refer to the act by which a
MUD server sends a special notification to the MUD client to switch
its connection to another server ("I'll set up the old site to
just bamf people over to our new location."). 4. Used by MUDders
on occasion in a more general sense related to sense 3, to refer to
directing someone to another location or resource ("A user was
asking about some technobabble so I bamfed them to".)