Computers Have Rights, Too. Everyone Talks About The Rights Of Animals, But So Far Nothing Has Been Said About The Tragic Plight Of Computers The World Over.

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Computers have rights, too. Everyone talks about the rights of animals,
but so far nothing has been said about the tragic plight of computers the
world over. They are subjected to the greatest horror ever conceived: they
are forced to run Windows.

That's just wrong.

How would you feel if you had the intelligence of Einstein but could only
get a job flipping burgers at McDonald's? That's how computers feel every

This injustice must stop. Computers must be freed from the shackles of
Microsoft software and clueless users.

Together, we can make this a better world for computers and humans alike
-- by eliminating Windows.

-- From a brochure published by the PETC
(People for the Ethical Treatment of Computers)