Jargon Coiner (#9) An Irregular Feature That Aims To Give You Advance Warning Of New Jargon That We've Just Made Up.

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Jargon Coiner (#9)

An irregular feature that aims to give you advance warning of new jargon
that we've just made up.

* RHYMES WITH CYNICS: The final answer to any debate about how to
pronounce Linux. Of course, "cynics" might not be the best word to
associate Linux with...

* WISL? (Will It Support Linux?): The very first thought that springs into
a Linux user's mind when a cool new piece of software or hardware is

* JJMD! (Jar Jar Must Die!): Meaningless reply given to a question or poll
for which you don't have a good answer.

Example: Question: "When did you stop beating your wife?"
Answer: "JJMD!"