Jargon Coiner (#2) An Irregular Feature That Aims To Give You Advance Warning Of New Jargon That We've Just Made Up.

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Jargon Coiner (#2)

An irregular feature that aims to give you advance warning of new jargon
that we've just made up.

* SLASHDUP EFFECT, THE: Accidentally posting two or more duplicate
comments to Slashdot, usually as the result of hitting ENTER at the
wrong time or fumbling with the Preview option.

* YOU'VE GOT SLOGAN: The tendency for reporters to parody the stupid
"You've Got Mail" saying when writing about AOL.

Example: "You've Got Spam", "You've Got Merger" (the headline for an
article about the Netscape/AOL Merger From Hell)

* PENGUINIZATION: Ongoing trend to slap a picture of Tux Penguin next to
anything even remotely related to Linux.

* IDLESURF: Aimless surfing of the Internet; looking for something
interesting to read while killing time. Often involves reloaded the
Slashdot homepage every 5 minutes to see if a new article has been