Rachel Enters.] Monica: (seeing Her) Okay, Let's Go!

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[Rachel enters.]

Monica: (seeing her) Okay, let's go!! Let's hit the road!!

Rachel: Hey!

Monica: Let's get the show on it!

Rachel: Okay, let me just get a cup of coffee.

Monica: Oh Rachel, I know the best coffee house and it's sooo close.

Rachel: Closer than here?

Phoebe: (turning around and picking a cup off of a table) Oh, hey, look,
I found coffee! (handing her the cup)
Okay, let's skedaddle.

Rachel: Wait, I'm not just gonna drink somebody's old coffee.

Phoebe: Okay, your highness.

[Ross enters behind Rachel, and look at each other for a moment.]

Phoebe: (in a deep voice, imitating Ross) Um, Rachel I'm really sorry.
(imitating Rachel) That's okay, do you wanna get back together?
(imitating Ross) Yeah, okay.
(in her normal voice) Did anyone else hear that?!

Excerpt from the TV Show "Friends"