Chandler: Alright, Ok, Alright. So I Can't Fire Joseph But Uh, I Can Sleep With His Wife.

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Chandler: Alright, ok, alright. So I can't fire Joseph but uh, I can sleep
with his wife.

Joey: Karen.

Chandler: Yeah, Karen. I'm thinking about having an affair with her. Oh, you
know what? I just did.

Joey: Ahh. What the hell are you doing to me man.

Chandler: Oh well it's not me, it's my character, Chandy. Yeah, the rogue
processor who seduces his co-workers' wives for sport and then laughs about
it the next day at the water cooler. In fact, I have her panties right there
in my drawer.

Joey: Really?

Chandler: No freakshow, she's fictional.

Excerpt from the TV Show "Friends"