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What's with ''?

Anvari is my last name. dot org is supposed to stand for non-profit organizations, but in this case, it's for 'organism' since I'm a living being. Hence, is my personal domain name. It's short, easy to spell and remember, especially for the people who know me. [^ Top]

Who are you? Where do you live? What do you do?

I am a technology fan, a computer programmer and a system/network administrator. As I'm writing this, I live in Berkeley, CA. Refer to the Biography page for updated information. Who are YOU, anyway?! [^ Top]

What's the technology behind the whole is hosted on a powerful FreeBSD box running apache web server and uses a bunch of php/perl scripts and html files. There's no graphics; hence there's no photo editors (my personal favorite is photoshop for windows). Text editor is VIM. No commercial software has been used to update this site so far. [^ Top]

How many visitors does this site have? gets about 650 Thousand unique visitors every month. This number is increasing every day as the Internet becomes more popular. The number of's visitors has been increasing constantly since the initial launch in 1999. [^ Top]

Ok, keep it secret but I found it through site popularity checking programs! Now, will you put my web site's ad on yours?

I would love to, but there is no banner ads on this site as you can see. (Maybe.. if you give me a grand, who doesn't like money!). But What I seriously suggest, is trying Google Ads that eliminates waste and increases relevance. [^ Top]

This is the third e-mail I'm sending you in the past few days! Why don't you reply?

If there's only a few days after you sent the first e-mail, there's a high chance of receiving a reply sometime during this or next weekend. I try my best to read e-mails when I get bored of what I'm doing and I enjoy reading them. There is always a slight chance that my mailbox is overquota if I don't check my mails and purge them on a regular basis. [^ Top]

Would you give me some advice on HTML?

Well, I'm not an expert, nor a specialist. See, this site even doesn't work in some browsers. If you want to start learning HTML, check out the most popular HTML guides and tutorials on Yahoo!. [^ Top]

Dear Ahmad, I saw your site and it's amazing! Would you take a look at my site and give me some advice?

Well, thanks for the compliment and stereotypical start. I'm so glad you liked the site and I'm sure yours is pretty good as well. I'll bookmark your site and it will be added to the links page if I like your site. After all, I'd love to review your site, but sadly enough, I'm not good at that.. [^ Top]

Ok, fine. At least, give a link to my site in your links page!

I would love to do that, but the links page is a collection of personal bookmarks in web format and it's mainly used by myself to look for forgotten links (and you know how hard it is to find a needle in a haystack..). Just keep sending in your links, they won't be missed if I find something interesting in them. [^ Top]

And, does it mean I can't link to your site from mine?

Of course you can, and it's much appreciated! According to U.S. District Judge Harry Hupp, "Hyperlinking does not itself involve a violation of the Copyright Act. There is no deception in what is happening. This is analogous to using a library's card index to get reference to particular items, albeit faster and more efficiently." [^ Top]

Where do you get your site's traffic from?

I usually track the most popular referrers at the end of each week. Half of the traffic comes from personal websites like yours and the rest comes from the search engines, especially our good old Google. [^ Top]

There seem to be no banner ads on the site. How do you make money?!

Stock market probably! Fortunately, I have other income sources and you can enjoy browsing this site 'banner free'. Hosting is graciously provided to me by Netsola. [^ Top]

So, does that mean I can use the content and the code of this site?

The code is absolutely yours, you may use it wherever you want with or without mentioning the source. As for the content, it may be reused according to the terms of OPL. Remember, links to the original content are always appreciated. If you want to reprint a part of this site physically, I appreciate if you kindly mention the URL. To include the images on your website, please copy them on your server so my server won't be overloaded. [^ Top]

You know, you have a cool site but how come there's no graphics on it?

First of all, graphics are used to make the site look cool, this goal has been met if you think this site is cool! On the other hand, I'm not a good visual designer (what else do you expect from a color blind person?), so my graphics will look crappy. Additionally, the pages without graphics are supposed to load faster.. [^ Top]

You don't know how to use 'mailto:'? Why your e-mail address and guestbook addresses are not 'mailto:' links?

I do know what a mailto: tag is; but sadly enough, I stopped using it after the spammers were born and crawled the web sites looking for mailto: tags to add the addresses to spam mailing lists. In addition, it doesn't take long to type my e-mail address if you really have something to write to me. [^ Top]

If you are a real person, can you tell me something about me now? :-)

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