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bki: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(05 Feb 2002)


Davel: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(04 Feb 2002)

ezzat: i like the nicknames list most of all (03 Feb 2002)

shadi: Good Job!(02 Feb 2002)

prim.: Azize Delam, It was so cool. Also I saw '10^100' part, it works nice. Love & C U soon! (01 Feb 2002)

Prim.: Azize Delam: Hi! It was so cool also I saw the "10^100" part, it works so nice.;-) Iran part should be complete. Love & C U soon bye! (01 Feb 2002)

sara: I love GUITAR,and khattati va naghashi!!I'm an artist!! (31 Jan 2002)

mhdm: world pics (30 Jan 2002)

chrystal: i love this damn site is is phat dudes. whoever wants to e-mail go 4 it cause i dont mind! i need a hot sexy man who like to have the kinky kind of fun. so if n e 1 is interested plzz e-mail me:) (30 Jan 2002)

farnaz: Nice work..(29 Jan 2002)

bita: Nice work..(29 Jan 2002)

omid: I like this site!(27 Jan 2002)

Samyra: Well done!(27 Jan 2002)

Samyra: This is my faovite site!(27 Jan 2002)

Ahmad: Unfortunately you do not have anything special in your website, except some pictures and links and clips from other websites, the worst part is the "IRAN" page, just one photo, and you think Iran is that all? Please do not make fun of yourself. Sorry for this comment, but it is reallity. (26 Jan 2002)

Nader Behdad: Bah Bah Ahmad agha Khoobi? Khob in Ahmad bacheye bahaliyeh. Azash beporsin ma ba ham che joori doost shodim :) (24 Jan 2002)

AMIR: I want to tell you my new site thank's. (23 Jan 2002)

mohamad: not (23 Jan 2002)

Monica Sander: Cool website.remember Parisa is my best friend. Do you have any cute single friends? (22 Jan 2002)

John Garcia: Nice Site!(22 Jan 2002)

bb: bikar (21 Jan 2002)

vahid: Cool, keep up the nice site!(18 Jan 2002)

Moini, Nazanin: Great photo album. Great page. Great blue eyes (18 Jan 2002)

Parisa_z: Hey Babe, Nice job...You are the best. Seni Seviurum (16 Jan 2002)

Parisa_z: Hey Babe, Nice job...You are the best. Seni Seviurum (16 Jan 2002)

[Anonymous]: Two thumbs up...(16 Jan 2002)

keyvan janghorbani: Cool, keep up the nice site!(13 Jan 2002)

Mohaddeseh: Salam man mohaddeseh nosrati hastam (12 Jan 2002)

kamran: i realy have a blackout!!!!!!!!!!! (11 Jan 2002)

Ontare Calwise: Two thumbs up...(10 Jan 2002)

Tim: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(10 Jan 2002)

Nasser: This is my faovite site!(09 Jan 2002)

Mohammad Darvish: Hi All Friend Please mail to me if you want to be friend with me. :D Mohammad (07 Jan 2002)

Kamyar kazemi Moud: Fantastic website azizam,Good luck,, keep in touch (06 Jan 2002)

saeed: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(06 Jan 2002)

Ardeshir: Hey man!Remember me?!?I found this page totally by chance and I saw that it's U!!!Drop some lines to me and keep in touch! (05 Jan 2002)

Pravs J: hi u have added some pics from y group on ur site pravs- would like to know wher u got them from pravs j (04 Jan 2002)

Ali Nasiri Amini: Ahmad ,you are always wonderful!!! (04 Jan 2002)

danyal: hell oit is good web page (04 Jan 2002)

ahmagh73: Good Job!(03 Jan 2002)

ali: Nice work..(02 Jan 2002)

shahram: Nice Site!(31 Dec 2001)

sadaf: Nice work..(31 Dec 2001)

mohamed ismail: hello every body,anyboady waiting for ur emails (31 Dec 2001)

hoseini mohaman teza: roya salam (29 Dec 2001)

hoseini morteza: I Love you. (29 Dec 2001)

hoseini morteza: salam I Love you (29 Dec 2001)

sara: salam' doset daram baraiam mil bezan. (29 Dec 2001)

hoseini morteza: salam azizam. I Love you. baraiam mil bezan (29 Dec 2001)