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king: i'm better. believe it! (23 Mar 2002)

king: i'm more beautiful than you! (23 Mar 2002)

king: i had 2000 nicknames!!! (23 Mar 2002)

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Sharareh Aghlara: Excellent site, man...(22 Mar 2002)

saeid: Nice work..(22 Mar 2002)

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alireza: Awesome job!(20 Mar 2002)

Siavash: really good but what about passwords? (19 Mar 2002)


tina: There are plenty of fish in the sea but your the only one id like to take and mount back at my place (18 Mar 2002)

mohammad: i love that site and ur country . i was born there in abudahbi but iam just crazy to visit there. coz the buty inuae i didnt even find in canada.i love to see those places which i have seen 15 years ago. i know it has been change.but any way who ever made that site ur doing really great keep it up and thanx for ur site (17 Mar 2002)

neda: Nice work..(17 Mar 2002)

Dark Cave: check webpage, lots of downloadz (14 Mar 2002)

omidreza lashkari: hi dear ahmad your webpage is very attractive. i am cousin of nima golesorkhi. be succeed omid (13 Mar 2002)

Alireza Rezghi: I wish the day we are all back home and IRAN is again the great MAHD-E-ARYA. (10 Mar 2002)

random user: can someone explain to me the point of this site? (10 Mar 2002)

behnam: Great site dude! (10 Mar 2002)

Hitlers son the persian version: I will kill all jews (09 Mar 2002)

Andelix: Keep it up man, great page, nice design!!!!! Greetings from Austria (07 Mar 2002)

Rita: Nice Site!(07 Mar 2002)

Rita Sabri: Cool, keep up the nice site!(07 Mar 2002)

MISBAH: cool site (06 Mar 2002)

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xyzflash: competition? who will win... (06 Mar 2002)

Siamak: Awesome web page, it rocks man (05 Mar 2002)

sophie: hey guys, pretty groovy site, love the nincknames, they were kewl. (03 Mar 2002)

surprised!!: OH MY GOD!! this is the best page i've ever seen...especially the pictures! WOW!! good work! ;) (03 Mar 2002)

[Anonymous]: Great! Keep it up!(02 Mar 2002)

daei: fsd (28 Feb 2002)

Hitler: I hate jews (28 Feb 2002)

Ali Kheradmand: Respect.....just surfing the net and i found your web site, i love the models. Me and my boys are all from Canada. Damet garm (28 Feb 2002)

******R.E.M.*******: For R.E.M. fans...visit my site: (28 Feb 2002)

Michael R. Irwin: Excellent Irani art. I do not read graphics well yet but it looked informative and intriguing. (27 Feb 2002)

jack \"papa\" baer: Hello, a very nice site...! I followed your link from Webmaster's World, I like to meet the contributer's and visit their home pages if listed. I am glad I did, I enjoyed the personal content and the smiles throughout. I felt as if I was visiting an old friend. Well done! Peace and respect from jack "papa" baer - BIG BAER Urban Alternative Music Magazine (25 Feb 2002)

syed: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(24 Feb 2002)

Carl Stevens: need password to see :) (23 Feb 2002)

Cierra: i love that show (23 Feb 2002)

Cierra: Wonderful site..(23 Feb 2002)

afi: Well done!(22 Feb 2002)

amber smith: wuzz up with this site woooos! (19 Feb 2002)

adriana alba: This is my faovite site!(19 Feb 2002)

Farid: I need good friend (18 Feb 2002)

chloe degerberg: this site is so kewl!!...but when i have been looking at some good nicks, ive noticed a fight going on between ppl...very nasty unrelelvant stuff (18 Feb 2002)

Karen: sup? (17 Feb 2002)

salman: nice website.....really impressed me i liked that messaging system from ur wepsite to ur pager....pls can u explain if u got time ...that how u did it....i am a Bsc C.I.S. student....wish u luck.... (14 Feb 2002)

Mohamad Anvari Totonchi: Hi,i've been surfing over the web,by typing my family name found your page and here i am now writing this words for u...cheers (13 Feb 2002)

sam: Cool, keep up the nice site!(13 Feb 2002)

maryam: I am iranian a M.S. student.I want a good friend (12 Feb 2002)

arezoo: Good Job!(12 Feb 2002)