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Ali: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(12 Jan 2003)

Exir: Hi, i found your site, and i like it. can you add my weblog's link in your links? i will add yours in mine. thanks Exir (12 Jan 2003)

Rondell Jigafoo: Nice site but there are few things broken. (11 Jan 2003)

Mandy: looking for pictures of Hedyeh Tehrani, just curious!!! (11 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: man mikham to dubal kar konam mamnon misham rahnemaei koni tekne sian rikhtegary va shaghel dar alomium iran hastam 7sal sabeghei kar daram (10 Jan 2003)

josh: I tried your smilies on blur chat and they didn't work (10 Jan 2003)

Jennifer d. Wilson: can you just show me some colors to give me an idea to have in my wedding . (10 Jan 2003)

Tina Ruskin: hi, image was fantastic a definite ahhh! (10 Jan 2003)

Gina: Great Site...just things that might not be important but funny to know hehe (10 Jan 2003)

ellen: i read your weird facts page..very cool..did you know that The Nazis, during the Holocaust, used human skin as a substitute for leather in the manufacture of lampshades and shoes, among other things...pretty cool eh? i want one of those lamps!..well maybe not :) ...bye (10 Jan 2003)

Yaser: Cool, keep up the nice site!(10 Jan 2003)

farshad: send a message to me (10 Jan 2003)

JERRY FELKER: Great! Keep it up!(09 Jan 2003)

none: nice website (09 Jan 2003)

babak: Great! Keep it up!(09 Jan 2003)

hilmo: Selam Alejkum If u are muslim's then move the pictures of the good looking lady!!! eselamu alejkum (09 Jan 2003)

Queen David Oparaodu: good work (09 Jan 2003)


navid 2: hello! sex (09 Jan 2003)

Marylou R: Dream as if you'll life as if you'll die today! (08 Jan 2003)

leon: Well done!(08 Jan 2003)

el: salaam. aks az hediye daari ? (08 Jan 2003)

Golden: salaam, javaab midi? (08 Jan 2003)

Jacqueline Williams: Nice to meet you ! Please come and visit my homepage ! But, don`t forget to sign my guest book. Ok ? (08 Jan 2003)

Ali Razmkhah: Well done!(08 Jan 2003)

Mohammad: Well done!(08 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: in chie die (08 Jan 2003)

ali: pics of hedyeh tehrani (08 Jan 2003)

Mike: And this is funny because???? Overall a stupid wedsite. (08 Jan 2003)

mohsen: I like this site!(07 Jan 2003)

Mike Thomson: Nice Website (07 Jan 2003)

burzum: salam man alageye zeyade be esme far naz daram age dost dashte maile bezan.tele man 0911 2548947 (07 Jan 2003)

Richard: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(06 Jan 2003)

shahrzad: I only visit your homepage. I wish you the best:)) Sincereley yours, Shahrzad (05 Jan 2003)

Khan: want to be you friend (05 Jan 2003)

amirala: pics of hedyeh tehrani or niki karimi or laya zangane Thanks (05 Jan 2003)

Esteban: Well, I was at home watching on the computer "Matrix", and in a part of the film I saw that when the agents were putting an animal in the abdomen of Kenau reeves, the penis of keanu reeves was erected and going up and down, up and down, it really was so funny, I never imagined that, but this is the truth. Thanks. Oh my god!, Bye. (05 Jan 2003)

Brian Cecil: Great! Keep it up!(05 Jan 2003)

vahid: salam azizanam (04 Jan 2003)

farnaz: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(04 Jan 2003)

Yaghoob: Dear Sasan, (04 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: Happy new year, Are you S. Omrani, who live in Sewden? (04 Jan 2003)

caviar lover: You built your site very well.Thank you! (04 Jan 2003)

jamhid: i love you (04 Jan 2003)

cathy: please if you can help me in any way ill be greatful . but if you dont know any one thanks any wayand have a happy new year (04 Jan 2003)

stephen: Good Job!(04 Jan 2003)

mohsen: pics of hedyeh tehrani (04 Jan 2003)

AMIR BALOCHNIYA: Excellent site, man...(04 Jan 2003)

Akbar: Salam, Dear Ahmad, Thanks for your great and hard work. As you know I'm an English teacher and I'm going to make an English teaching complete site. ( free sources and nice and interesting one). I'll use some of your nice collections there and I need you to help me more in this regard. ( nice, short, exciting, teaching humor and jokes , funny texts, poems, articles anything that encourage our lazy students to follow it because I believe that a foreign language ought to be learnt not to be taught. I dont like to stick myself or my students attentions only to our standard textbooks because I think they are nonsense, but I should feed my students by nice and exciting materials that not only help them to learn English but also help them to think how happily they can live and help them to change their behaviors or manners, maybe some Moral and real lessons. Its my pleasure to get help in this regard by you or anyone who can help me. Sending such materials or introducing such kind of sites. Regards. A.Zahiri (04 Jan 2003)

stella: i cnat get these proverbs to print agasin. i had printed so many for my friends but no more. help (03 Jan 2003)