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mamad digital: jamian hi (15 Jan 2003)

Michel Holmgren: NO COMMENTS (15 Jan 2003)

annie: hedyeh tehrani aks (14 Jan 2003)

hamed: lotfan akshaye hedieh (14 Jan 2003)

jef: hi! (14 Jan 2003)

.-_- ??,,??J!??,,??-_-.: Cool, keep up the nice site!(14 Jan 2003)

karen sakamoto: Cool, keep up the nice site!(14 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: salaam! bumped into your site while searching for a list of 1999 to 2002 movies not a very big help though but cool site! :) (14 Jan 2003)

rasha: salam man asheghe hedye tehrani hastam tamame otagham mamlow az aksaye une man jadid tarin aksasho mikhastam ba ye vasile e ke betunam bahash harf bezanam (14 Jan 2003)

pinokio: ma pinokio hastam. valy targih medam hame nokhody sedam konnd (14 Jan 2003)

nylez: if anyone knows wut the sexuall position the daddy-mummy, Trolley, Italian chandelier are can you please email me the discription or a pic thx (14 Jan 2003)

adriana: Hey Im the real Adriana Alba, but I might add thats a classic name. Woo Hoo (14 Jan 2003)

anna: Wonderful site..(14 Jan 2003)

Shervin: I am interested in finding new friends all around the world , send me email !!!!!!!! (13 Jan 2003)

syros: let's talk (13 Jan 2003)

hamid reza: This is my faovite site!(13 Jan 2003)

masoomeh: Great! Keep it up!(13 Jan 2003)

vahid: hello (13 Jan 2003)

afsaneh: Wonderful site..(13 Jan 2003)

behzad: hamatuno dust daram (13 Jan 2003)

behzad: Well done!(13 Jan 2003)

kayode olowo: no comment (13 Jan 2003)

skylore: ya lets go (12 Jan 2003)

Sima: Cool, keep up the nice site!(12 Jan 2003)

vida: nosrati 20002 yahoo (12 Jan 2003)

Ali: Nice work..(12 Jan 2003)

Exir: Hi, i found your site, and i like it. can you add my weblog's link in your links? i will add yours in mine. thanks Exir (12 Jan 2003)

Rondell Jigafoo: Nice site but there are few things broken. (11 Jan 2003)

Mandy: looking for pictures of Hedyeh Tehrani, just curious!!! (11 Jan 2003)

[Anonymous]: man mikham to dubal kar konam mamnon misham rahnemaei koni tekne sian rikhtegary va shaghel dar alomium iran hastam 7sal sabeghei kar daram (10 Jan 2003)

josh: I tried your smilies on blur chat and they didn't work (10 Jan 2003)

Jennifer d. Wilson: can you just show me some colors to give me an idea to have in my wedding . (10 Jan 2003)

Tina Ruskin: hi, image was fantastic a definite ahhh! (10 Jan 2003)

Gina: Great Site...just things that might not be important but funny to know hehe (10 Jan 2003)

ellen: i read your weird facts page..very cool..did you know that The Nazis, during the Holocaust, used human skin as a substitute for leather in the manufacture of lampshades and shoes, among other things...pretty cool eh? i want one of those lamps!..well maybe not :) ...bye (10 Jan 2003)

Yaser: Awesome job!(10 Jan 2003)

farshad: send a message to me (10 Jan 2003)

JERRY FELKER: Cool, keep up the nice site!(09 Jan 2003)

none: nice website (09 Jan 2003)

babak: Wonderful site..(09 Jan 2003)

hilmo: Selam Alejkum If u are muslim's then move the pictures of the good looking lady!!! eselamu alejkum (09 Jan 2003)

Queen David Oparaodu: good work (09 Jan 2003)


navid 2: hello! sex (09 Jan 2003)

Marylou R: Dream as if you'll life as if you'll die today! (08 Jan 2003)

leon: I like this site!(08 Jan 2003)

el: salaam. aks az hediye daari ? (08 Jan 2003)

Golden: salaam, javaab midi? (08 Jan 2003)

Jacqueline Williams: Nice to meet you ! Please come and visit my homepage ! But, don`t forget to sign my guest book. Ok ? (08 Jan 2003)

Ali Razmkhah: Good Job!(08 Jan 2003)