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edvin: Good Job!(06 Oct 2003)

eduard: so funny,more please! (06 Oct 2003)

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gh: Excellent site, man...(05 Oct 2003)

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pouyakhodadoust: Good Job!(05 Oct 2003)

sasa: show your photos (04 Oct 2003)

Bontril: Hi And Thanks Bontril (yes, I know my name is the same as a certain diet pill, but I was named before they were!) (04 Oct 2003)

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mahdi: Two thumbs up...(04 Oct 2003)

{DMEF}Profane: How can I fill in a nickname? Because Idont see anywere a "sign in" (04 Oct 2003)

nasir ali khan: i want to learn this persian lang as it belongs to my past generation, pls help me to learn (04 Oct 2003)

mahsa: hi id man roza19862003 ast. (04 Oct 2003)

farshid: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(04 Oct 2003)

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reza: Nice work..(03 Oct 2003)

habib: salammm (03 Oct 2003)

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