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Dr Frank: Great site, very informative. (14 Jul 2004)

Dr Eamon: Looking good. (14 Jul 2004)

Franics Drake: Nice site (14 Jul 2004)

Andy: great site! where can i get one of those cranium accessories? (14 Jul 2004)

George: Love the site! Go Persia! (14 Jul 2004)

rasheed balushi: i am rasheed balushi 38 years old from muscat sultanate of oman. i want friendship any male or fmale in world. (14 Jul 2004)

R Bowesley: nice site (14 Jul 2004)

Kenneth: Great website! Glory! (14 Jul 2004)

Jessie Punt: What a godsend this site is. Many thanks!! (14 Jul 2004)

lauren duckworth: yur website is cool gets some more weird questions they make me laugh (14 Jul 2004)

Solomon Grundy: I am new to internet. Discovered site. Great! (14 Jul 2004)

Ivor Biggin: great site, nice work (14 Jul 2004)

doogie howser: nice site (14 Jul 2004)

Latta Layne: Great site. (14 Jul 2004)

Damien: Excellent (14 Jul 2004)

Ima Daft: what a good site - god bless you! (14 Jul 2004)

Jules: Will be back to look around more (14 Jul 2004)

David Crustler: Good website! (14 Jul 2004)

Iven OClue: Very good. (14 Jul 2004)

Gertrude Rood: Great site, impressed (14 Jul 2004)

GOD: Ask me why Do you know what's secret star Do you know what's secret soul Do you know what's secret deram like a sea Open your eyes... (14 Jul 2004)

Dr. John Keynes: I was very impressed. Good job. (13 Jul 2004)

Marsha B: Groovy site!!! Far out!! Hugs and kisses, M (13 Jul 2004)

The REAL Viking: Hello folks. Very good website you have here, and I am glad to put my step in to your guestbook. I send you and your visitors my best greetings. And you are welcome to visit my website as well. (13 Jul 2004)

Ben Dover: I like your site (13 Jul 2004)

Harry Ness: Great site!!! You and I have a similar taste in movies. (13 Jul 2004)

Father Ted Crilly: What a fantastic site. I'm sure all my congregation will want to visit and bestow their blessings upon this site once I tell them all at church on Sunday! Well done and keep up all the good work!! (13 Jul 2004)

Rico Suhwavy: well done (13 Jul 2004)

Klefra: Greetings from Muenchen (13 Jul 2004)

Klefra: Ahmad, greetings from Muenchen (13 Jul 2004)

Klefra: Ahmad, greetings from Muenchen (13 Jul 2004)

Father Jack Meof: Just passing through, seems like a jolly good site though! (13 Jul 2004)

Ian Catcham: Good site (13 Jul 2004)

peter parker: Nice job. Excellent site. (13 Jul 2004)

u sux: JEWS 4EVER.. everybody who hates them, can go fuck themselves (13 Jul 2004)

Capt. U. Duffer: Just looking for investment opportunities, nice site. (13 Jul 2004)

akbar: i love yuo asma for ever. (13 Jul 2004)

Mike Hunt: I like it!! (13 Jul 2004)

James: Keep up the good work! (13 Jul 2004)

Jenthony: Ahmad I liked your movie links Jenthony (13 Jul 2004)

Gerard Anderson: Nice Site!(13 Jul 2004)

Rents: nice website (13 Jul 2004)

Derek: Funny site , will be back! (13 Jul 2004)

Frazier Crane: Niiice Site (13 Jul 2004)

Hank: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(13 Jul 2004)

Tony: This is a cool site, keep up the good work!! (13 Jul 2004)

gary gnu: check out so much stuff on the peeps and the greatest bar on earth. (12 Jul 2004)

Al-Mukaddim Khan Pathan: Good Site. But It'll be nice to add some more animation in the web pages. (12 Jul 2004)

R. Stern: nice site!! you have a nice design, too (12 Jul 2004)

Benjamin Dover: very well done chap (12 Jul 2004)