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[Anonymous]: Great! Keep it up!(14 Jan 2005)

ali: I like this site!(13 Jan 2005)

Ahmad:: fghgf (13 Jan 2005)

aktiv: Nice work..(13 Jan 2005)

alisha: i like ur site!!! it's cool!!!! (13 Jan 2005)

anas: xxxx (13 Jan 2005)

ب: Awesome job!(13 Jan 2005)

mmm: i love you (13 Jan 2005)

Angus: good website. thanks. (13 Jan 2005)

Lauranne: Wa hier staan toch geen nicknames (12 Jan 2005)

waeel: I AM WONT GIRLE ONLY (12 Jan 2005)

Abdur Rahim: Iranian girls are very sexy and cooperative. I fucked many of them during my 8 years stay in Esfahan. Even I have fucked 2 sisters together. I shall remember the memory. (12 Jan 2005)


Valence V. Sharma: Very nice! (11 Jan 2005)

majid: Two thumbs up...(11 Jan 2005)

kashtaa: (11 Jan 2005)

fawaz: Well done!(11 Jan 2005)

نانسي: Two thumbs up...(11 Jan 2005)

محمد: Two thumbs up...(11 Jan 2005)

Sukie: Great site. (11 Jan 2005)

Izzy Highman: Good site (10 Jan 2005)

ahmad: Cool, keep up the nice site!(10 Jan 2005)

Douglas Slater: I enjoyed my visit to you site very much. just the thing to fill in the long lonely hours. (10 Jan 2005)

kaledgfer: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(10 Jan 2005)

Richard: nice site! (10 Jan 2005)

marco: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(10 Jan 2005)

Joe Poonjab: Hi there Ahmad great site (09 Jan 2005)

Melanie Hulme: mmm has pic sof me add me on msn if u want (09 Jan 2005)

Dick Inya: This site truly rocks. Keep up the great work. I'll be visiting often. (09 Jan 2005)

[Anonymous]: Excellent site, man...(09 Jan 2005)

siavash: hi i like see the pic (09 Jan 2005)

haytham: Wonderful site..(09 Jan 2005)

Benoit Brookens: Ahmad Anvari, always a pleasure to read your blog posts, if you need anything feel free to contact me. (09 Jan 2005)

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kollyla: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(09 Jan 2005)

Christine Boudaghi: Fassenacht im PARSSCHEN Haus (09 Jan 2005)

mohamed: Cool, keep up the nice site!(09 Jan 2005)

mido: Great! Keep it up!(08 Jan 2005)

Sunna: (08 Jan 2005)

[Anonymous]: Well done!(08 Jan 2005)

Kenji Nihipali: I revieved this site link through Sima Nissan. (08 Jan 2005)

walid kamal: Awesome job!(08 Jan 2005)

فادي: Kewl! Keep it up, Ahmad!(08 Jan 2005)

alireza: ax haye sexy va gheire mojaz honarmandane irani. mamnon misham (08 Jan 2005)

Christine Boudaghi: zero zero the countdown is near (07 Jan 2005)

hjhj: hj (07 Jan 2005)

same7: hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (06 Jan 2005)

ali: send any thang you kwnow about sex (06 Jan 2005)

[Anonymous]: mikham dost dokhtaram to bashi aziza (06 Jan 2005)

hany: hiiiiiiiiiiiiii (06 Jan 2005)

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