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art: Wonderful site..(26 Feb 2005)

mimo: Nice Site!(26 Feb 2005)

salar: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(26 Feb 2005)

Paul Wampum: Two thumbs up...(26 Feb 2005)

rabinhoot: salam (26 Feb 2005)

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متناىلاى: Nice Site!(25 Feb 2005)

عبداللة: Nice Site!(25 Feb 2005)

lewis: Wonderful site..(25 Feb 2005)

vicky verschaeren: Well done!(25 Feb 2005)

abdulrahman: sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx chang (24 Feb 2005)

hassan: Great! Keep it up!(24 Feb 2005)

Chanelle: Your top 10 reasons are so true! (24 Feb 2005)

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ali: Well done!(24 Feb 2005)

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ياسر: Great! Keep it up!(24 Feb 2005)

fffff: One of the greatest sites I have ever seen..(24 Feb 2005)

Abdulla Laksari: HELLO HOW R U (24 Feb 2005)

candice gies: Ahmad this site was so freakin funny i was laughing my ass off for hours my boyfriend was getting annoyed, i started laughing like a ape. keep up the good work (24 Feb 2005)

leroy brown: nice place (23 Feb 2005)

sami: Awesome job!(23 Feb 2005)

Esther Boudaghi: Why such a way, when it was easily to get in a normal way without the mistakes which were made. You are loving only the dark side. Everything which is white becomes black. Normally everybody is doing black and makes it white. (23 Feb 2005)

sarah: hi ahmad are you an aribic? (22 Feb 2005)

npel: Nice Site!(22 Feb 2005)

sarah: omg this is the best website ever omg the 10 things that pisses me off is the greatest omg u rock!!!! (22 Feb 2005)

Ali: Baba damet garm! (22 Feb 2005)

ahmad: Amazing! Keep up the good work...(22 Feb 2005)

amine: sa va (22 Feb 2005)

ZIZO: VERY NICE (22 Feb 2005)

soodeh: salam (21 Feb 2005)

aakash: Hi, there ITs AAKASH Good job. I love personal pages. Please visit mine. (21 Feb 2005)

neda: jaryan babak vaziry chieh?shoma koja tadris mikonin?belakhareh esme shoma babak vaziry ya ahmad anvary? (21 Feb 2005)

Wouldnt U Like 2 Know...: Thats cool... (21 Feb 2005)

Dr. Reza Boudaghi: Dr. Reza Boudaghi Washington D.C. USA (21 Feb 2005)

Esther Boudaghi: copyright is fine (21 Feb 2005)

feras: girk (21 Feb 2005)

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Jay: (20 Feb 2005)

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gamal: Nice Site!(20 Feb 2005)

mary: Thanks for the nice site (20 Feb 2005)

turky: Nice Site!(20 Feb 2005)

judi: Awesome job!(20 Feb 2005)

ali: hi bye (19 Feb 2005)